FREE Alison Courses To Level Up Your Current AEC Knowledge

Top FREE Alison Courses to Level Up your Current AEC Knowledge

Alison was founded in Galway in 2007 and has grown organically to become a major force in online education. Today, with more than 11 million learners in 195 countries, Alison is changing how the world learns.

Alison is free of charge to you. But it’s still a business – albeit a socially-focused one. They're are a social enterprise. They make money through advertising, merchandise and the sale of Certificates and Diplomas, should a graduate choose to buy one.

Alison’s vision is to be the world’s leading provider of free high quality knowledge and workplace skills training.

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Learn how drones can be used to make sophisticated maps and the technology that is used to do it by studying the course Mapping Techniques Using Drones.
The course begins by describing how drones are used to create accurate maps using GPS functionality. You will learn about different types of maps that can be created using a drone and what is involved in planning out a flight for creating a map. The course describes the common aerial views used in mapping and how to achieve good image quality.

Google SketchUp is a free online 3D modelling program designed for architects, civil and mechanical engineers, as well as graphic artists involved in filmmaking and game developing. It is an ideal introduction for both professionals and students who want to learn more about this software program or 3D modelling.

Alison’s course will teach you the fundamentals of Google SketchUp. In this SketchUp training course, you will be introduced to the navigation tools so you can orbit, pan and zoom around your model, then create a simple house with a few drawing and modification tools.

3d printing with windows 10

The course 3D Printing with Windows 10 introduces you to the world of 3D printing and how it has developed to become an accessible tool for different users and developers. This course will teach you about 3D printing through the use of videos to help you gain a clearer insight into the practical side of how 3D printing works.

The course begins by explaining the tools in Windows 10 that help the developer of 3D printing and how the 3MF consortium has helped to improve file formats that will be used in 3D printing. You will be informed on 3D print bureaus and their abilities as well as the variety of materials that can be used in 3D printing. You will learn about 3MF design considerations and also what the future holds for 3D design

project management

Project management skills and expertise are in great demand internationally, and you can improve your project management skills and techniques, and enhance your career prospects by studying Alison's Diploma in Project Management course.

This course offers a comprehensive review of project management and the factors that need to be considered when planning a project. The course begins by explaining the various phases of the system development life cycle, including analysis, planning, design and evaluation.
The course then describes project management methodology in detail, and you will learn about project.

electrical studies

Skilled electricians and engineers work behind the scenes to ensure that electricity lights up our streets and buildings, and enables us to use and enjoy the many electronic devices that make our lives more comfortable. In order to do this, they need to have a thorough understanding of the basic concepts and practices of the electrical trade that enables them to install and maintain functional electrical systems.

The course Diploma in Electrical Studies teaches you about key aspects of the electrical trade. The course begins by teaching you about electrical safety, electrical circuits, and electrical theory. The next section of the course focuses on what constitutes an electrical wiring system. This section explains the installation procedures.

My review:

Cons: Some interface don't have the Q&A portion where you can interact the instructor. Can't bookmark the topic where you left off. Since its free course, you will always see adverts before you start the course.

Pros: Self paced learning. You can refer friends and get rewarded your FREE Pdf certificate.



How to add 3D models to documents and presentations

Unleash your creative side with 3D models that bring your content to life in PowerPoint, Word, or Excel.

3D model insertion is available for Office 2016 apps and it's easy to do. Example below image: File is came from Tinkercard exported to .obj file
  1. Launch the Office app (Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
  2. For Word, Ribbon > Insert tab > 3D Models > From a File (or Online Source)
  3. With the handle, rotate or tilt the model to different angles.
  4. Drag the image handles to increase/decrease the size.
  5. Like pictures, 3D models has its own Format tab that displays the 3D Models View gallery.
  6. The Pan and Zoom button controls how the 3D image fits within a frame. You can zoom into a particular part of the model and fit it inside the frame.

3d model


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