Saturday, September 2

How to publish multiple drawings

How to publish or plot multiple drawings.

You can publish or plot multiple drawing by using the AutoCad function 'Batch Plot'

1. Select the AutoCad function ‘Batch Plot’. The window will automatically load all open drawings.

2. To remove drawings from the list use this button.

3. To add drawings to the list use this button (plus sign in green color).
publish dialog

4. Select the drawings by model, lay-out or both.
select drawings

5. Check the settings and the page setup before publish/plotting.
publish dialog

6. When the drawing already has a page setup select the page setup and you can a preview of the drawing.
publish dialog

7. If the drawing don’t have a page setup you have to import a page setup before publishing:

  • You can select all the sheet (use CTRL+A)
  • You can import settings with DWG, DWT or DXF

Tuesday, August 15

Resetting Revit Profile

Revit is behaving strangely. For example:
·         Toolbars are not loading correctly
·         The application hangs at startup
·         Some palettes are not showing up
·         The application hangs when clicking the big R

Resetting your Revit profile may solve these issues. 


1.      Exit Revit
2.      In Windows Explorer, browse to this folder (or copy and paste this path into Windows Explorer
4.    Delete this folder: Autodesk Revit (version). For example, "Autodesk Revit 2015"
5.     Launch Revit (version).  It may take a little longer than usual as it will be setting up your new